Extending Unreality


Unreality TV has been going great guns for the last 6 months. SEOmoz (a huge Search Optimisation company in the US of A) recently published their monthly stats and I was overjoyed to discover we were whomping them month on month!

I love the SEOmoz blog, by the way. 🙂

Anyway, we’ve been toying with other blogging ideas and the most likely at this juncture are blogs on music and regular telly. So let me introduce you to two of our works in progress:

  1. Unreality Music – Soon to be a place of music reviews of current tunes and past classics. I’ll be taking the lead on the music blog, and I want it to feature not only established acts, but unsigned acts a la MySpace. We’ll also be accepting guest reviews and contribution, particularly of recent gigs.
  2. Unreality Primetime – Lisa’s going to be taking the lead on this new blog, looking at other popular TV shows like The OC, Desperate Housewives, all that stuff. It’ll be a much bigger blog than the reality TV one, but it’s good to watch alternative shows too!

You can conclude from this that Lisa has definitely got square eyes. As do most of our readers! But we love them all and they love us back!

There will be boards on the Unreality Forum to support all of the new areas we’re covering.

We’re excited about how the Unreality blogs are unfolding. We’re going along to press conferences, working with production companies, getting 300,000+ eyeballs on our blog each month, not to mention the thousands of comments people have been compelled to leave for us and even for reality show contestants. These additional blogs will hopefully complement what we already have while creating a spot for people to discuss different types of music and television.

If you want to become a contributor to Unreality, please do get in touch with me.


4 thoughts on “Extending Unreality

  1. Gerry, have you a nameplate on your house 😉 ?

    The peer reviews sound interesting but I think a bit of research might be required before that. If it was Robbie Williams reviewing Gary Barlow? Have you any contact with Record Companies or Agents/Promoters?

    I’m waiting for a band called ‘Unreality’. I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a country band that takes the piss of everything and anything, maybe that’d be the name for it 🙂

  2. D’you know, it funny, Lisa’s been looking into those big magnetic adverts you can stick on the side of your car! Apparently, I’ll get the luxury of driving about the country in my Punto with a big television logo stuck to the side of it.

    Then we’ll get the kids wearing the t-shirts out and about – it’ll be great!

    No, I’ve not taken the idea much further with the peer reviews. I’ve got a couple of paid web design jobs on at the minute and I need to wrap on those before committing myself to anything more time consuming!

    Oh, and go for it with the country band, except call it ‘The Good Ol’ Unreality Boys’ for more authenticity…

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