Pleased With Myself!


I am grinning like the proverbial Cheshire Cat this evening, for earlier today I did my first ever interview for Unreality TV, with Lucy, one of the singers from The Unconventionals.

Initially I tried to record it so that I could do a podcast, but I had such a small timeframe between setting up my computer and starting the interview that I couldn’t get it right. I’m using a combination of Skype and a program called PrettyMay, which helps you record Skype conversations among other things!

The lesson to be learned is to prepare for this in advance. Although I was given a remarkably quick timeframe today, I’ve wanted to look into podcasting before now, but haven’t bothered. I’ll have it nailed next time!

Anyway, the interview was great fun. The Unconventionals were one of the finalist acts in this year’s X Factor, and they were booted off last night’s show by Simon Cowell. I thought they were very original and was disappointed they went out of the competition so soon.

Lucy was great to interview, very chatty and natural and more than a little surprised in the interest in her and the group. I hope they go on to better things!

I love this part of my job!

(satisfied sigh)


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