Me Around The Web


Brian asked me about the number of blogs I had the other day when we were out visiting him. It got me thinking I’ve been using the Interweb for over a decade now and my various profiles are all over the place.

So, in an effort to rein in some of my online activities, this is the big list of me…on the web:

My Blogs

Professional Profiles

  • Currently using LinkedIn as a way of promoting my professional skills online. It’s a great social networking site, and if you’re a member, please look me up or add me to your network. My LinkedIn profile.

Social Bookmarking

  • StumbleUpon: Embarrassingly, I managed to email everyone in my contacts list from Stumbleupon – I will insist it was software misdirection, not user malfunction, until I die.
  • The daddy of social bookmarking tools and still my number 1!
  • Reddit, an up and coming social bookmarking site. Similar to Digg but not so many a**holes.
  • Ma.gnolia
  • Digg: A more tech oriented site, lots of interesting articles and discussions. Can be juvenile.
  • Shadows: An interesting social bookmarking, let down by too many spam links.
  • Simpy: Not the prettiest online bookmarking tool.

Blogs and Forums


Reality TV


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