The Music of Brian T Mullan


I was over in Downpatrick recently and visited the talented and aspiring media mogul Brian Mullan. I’ve known Brian for just over 10 years now, and we played in a band (Outhouse Cookie) together for what seems like a lifetime. I’m not sure how long the band actually lasted for.

Anyway, Brian kept plugging away with his music and recorded new material with Gary Connolly back in March, in a studio in Dublin. He’s posted two of his Outhouse Cookie-era songs on MySpace along with one of the new tracks on which he sings.

The two Outhouse Cookie songs are Love Declared and No Guarantees, featuring a guitar solo from Seamy “Asmodean” Meredith that still gives me goosebumps today. I wish I could conjure up Seamy Meredith one last time and tell him that. He seems to have disappeared from the Internet, though…

Anyway, check out Mullan’s music over at MySpace and let me know what you think. Whenever I get a moment, I may post the other Outhouse Cookie songs here.


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