Ultimate Tag Warrior for WordPress


Christine Davies has announced a new ‘vanilla’ version of Ultimate Tag Warrior for WordPress.

UTW is possibly one of the most useful plugins for tagging your blog content. For the uninitiated or the ignorant, tags are like keywords on steroids. They add another dimension to how you classify the posts on your blog. Sure, you can use categories, but too many categories clutter up your sidebar. Categories are broad.

Tags are specific to the post. They don’t show up in the navigation, but you can create a ‘tag cloud’ which shows frequently used tags in larger type and less-used tags in smaller type. They also tie in with the new breed of Web services like Flickr, Technorati and Delicious, all of which use tags to organise content.

Tags can offer a richer user experience whether linking back into the blog to display related posts, or linking out to Technorati to find additional material on other websites.

I prefer to use tagging internally to provide an alternative means of navigating the blog. I’ve used this recently on Unreality TV and will be using it on a forthcoming website, The Northern Ireland Guide.

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