Tip: Adding Extra Blogs To Flock


On first glance, the Flock web browser only seems to allow you to set up one blog account. If you’re like me and you manage more than one blog, this is a big limitation!

Fear not, there’s another way to add extra blogs. It’s hidden away in the options, but it’s there!

How to add additional blogs in Flock

  • First, go to Tools, Options
  • Click on the Blogging button (second from last) and the Accounts tab should be the first one to load.
  • Click on the + icon and the Blog Account Setup Helper will appear. You’ll need to give it the URL of your blog and the username and password to log on.
  • That’s it. Simple, wasn’t it?

I’ve been meaning to play with Flock for a while now, but never quite got around to it. I’m using it to generate this post and it’s all going swimmingly.

One of the big benefits of not being in the wp-admin area is that I’m not tempted to check my stats, comments and all that stuff that distracts me every day.

Anyway, more on Flock later. 

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