WordPress.com allowing multiple users…


…but apparently only from the WordPress.com community!

I got a weird message in my Gmail that someone had added me to their wordpress blog. They must’ve been testing of made a mistake, because they promptly removed me again!

Anyway, this prompted me to check in my own wordpress.com blog (the one you’re reading) – and the screenshot below is what I found. This feature seems to have appeared out of nowhere on the Authors & Users tab. Basically you type in the username of the other person, allocate the type of role you want to give them, etc and they get a confirmation email when you’re done. After that, you can log into the blog and add posts, or whatever your permissions allow you to do.

WordPress.com Multi-User mode

I’m probably nitpicking, but I’d have preferred to add users from outside the community. Surely an existing member already has a blog? Anyway, I don’t see much benefit to that! I’d like to add someone who’ll contribute to my blog rather than someone who’ll have split blog loyalties!

Anyway, I just checked the WordPress.com blog, and nothing’s mentioned there, so this is either in stealth mode and just been released, or it’s been available for ages and I’ve just not noticed. What do you think?

Bet that I’ll wake up tomorrow morning and it’ll be gone. Things like that always happen me….


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