Installing Audacity


I got an iPod a few months ago, and have spent my time largely listening to music on it, which has been great. Recently

So anyway, I heard about Audacity (the free sound editor program) and decided to download a copy and give it a go. I also got a Logitech headset (I’m planning on messing about with Skype too, so this’ll be useful for both).

I’ve downloaded the 1.2.4b version of Audacity for Windows XP, so let’s try a quick install:

  1. Run the executable after downloading. If you’re security conscious, you’ll probably virus scan it first.
  2. Click Next to move past the Welcome screen.
  3. Read (ha ha) the license agreement, accept it and click Next. You’ll get a bit of an information screen next – read it and move on.
  4. Installation Location: Unless you’ve got any peculiar requirements, accept the default and click Next.
  5. On the next screen, you’ll want to Create a desktop icon and also to associate Audacity project files with the Audacity program. Goes without saying, really. Click Next for another exciting installation summary screen, then click Install.
  6. Installation took nano seconds on my PC, then the final screen with an option to Launch Audacity. Click Finish, we’re done.

Not Quite Finished: Audacity First Run

Whoops, looks like I spoke too soon. As I launched Audacity for the first time, I got a screen asking me to choose which language to use. I answered English, in case you’re interested. Once that’s done, the program should launch.

Was quite surprised at how quickly the whole thing started up, actually.


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