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Gerard McGarry profile pictureHi there – thanks for tuning in to my WordPress blog.

A little bit about me: I’m Gerard McGarry. I’m a blogger and web designer from Northern Ireland and the co-founder of the UK’s biggest reality TV blog, Unreality TV.

When I’m not slavishly staring at a laptop screen, I’m a husband and father of three adorable, funny kids. And when I’m not doing that, I love nothing more than running, working out in circuit classes and climbing mountains.

And when I’m not doing that, I play bass with a bunch of good friends in a band called Revolver. All in all, I believe in living a fun-packed, positive life and I love connecting with people on the web and chatting about television, music and movies. If you’re into the same things I am, subscribe to this blog, hit me up on Twitter or Google+, or contact me through my personal website.


How to stop the ringer vibration on your iPhone 5 alarm



Like everybody else in the 21st Century, I use my smartphone as my alarm clock. And generally I’m happy with it, except for that panicky, frenzied vibration that the iPhone gives every time the alarm goes off.

So, how do you stop your iPhone alarm from vibrating and waking you up in a cold sweat?

I’ve got two solutions. One is a sledgehammer solution – you switch off all vibrations on your phone. The other is gentler – it involves switching off the vibration on just your phone’s ringtone. Either way, you’re going to be losing the vibrate when your phone rings, but if that’s acceptable to you, read on. I’m going to walk you through both methods.

Switch off the vibration on your ringtone only

This is my preferred solution. At least this way, you keep vibrations on other types of notification.

  1. So, on your iPhone, browse to the Settings app and go into Sounds
  2. Scroll down to Sounds And Vibration Patterns and click into your Ringtone.
  3. You should see an option for Vibration. It’s usually set to Alert (Default), but you should go to the bottom of this screen and choose None instead.
  4. Now, test this out by going to your Clock app and testing the ringtone on the Alarm settings. It should sound the ringtone you’ve selected, but not vibrate. Set the volume of the ringer to your desired level by using the volume buttons on the side of the phone.

Disable Vibrate altogether

This is the all-consuming solution that I talked about up top. You may be fine with switching off your iPhone’s vibrate function altogether, so here’s how to do it.

  1. Open your Settings app and browse to Sounds.
  2. The Vibrate function is at the top of the page. Simply switch off Vibrate on Ring and Vibrate on Silent and this should effectively stop your phone buzzing, including the alarm.
  3. Once again, I suggest you test this by browsing into your iPhone’s clock settings.

That’s my solution to silencing the annoying vibrating alarm clock in iOS6. If you’ve discovered a better way, feel free to share it in the comments below!

Larne Half Marathon 2013: Highs and lows


Larne Half Marathon 2013 medal

After damn near destroying my knee running in the Ealing Half Marathon last September, my fitness levels were gradually returning to form. I’ve been dabbling with Insanity recently, building up my running distances and then a sign appeared. Literally. As we were driving through Larne a few weeks back.

Lisa turned to me and said “The Larne half-marathon is on the 8th June. You should go in for it.”

“Huh? The Larne half was in March.” Apparently not. The unexpected cold snap and snow that had virtually cut off parts of the North Coast meant that the race had been postponed. Excellent! I’d wanted to do this run since last year and now here was a second chance!

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Doctor Who: 5 ways Steven Moffat recycled story ideas for Asylum Of The Daleks

Doctor Who: Asylum Of The Daleks teaser image

Seriously? You’re saying we’ve done some of this stuff before?

So, the season premiere of Doctor Who has aired and the internet is a-buzz with talk about the BIG REVEAL. But what I wanted to look at in this post is how many of Steven Moffat’s previous story ideas have been recycled for Asylum Of The Daleks.

Moffat’s re-used themes and ideas from his earlier episodes in the past. The Eleventh Hour was practically riddled with quotes and throwbacks to episodes of Doctor Who that Moffat had written while Russell T Davies was showrunner. Here are five ways Asylum Of The Daleks ‘borrows’ from earlier ideas…

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There goes the neighbourhood…


Policeman called round to the house yesterday. I yelled at the kids “Shit! It’s the Feds!” They knew what to do. Flushed the stash, dumped the weapons over the fence to next door (we’d do the same for them, we’re neighbourly that way) and Rachel threw a pot pourri over the corpse that was decomposing in the living room.

Turned out he was actually warning us about a spate of ‘Creeper Burglaries’ around the village, including one in our street the day before. Seriously, what’s the world coming to when you can’t leave your front door unlocked?

Insanity Injury: Continue the programme or start from scratch?


ImageOuch. Somewhere in between all that squatting, thrusting and mad crazy leaping into the air plyometric stuff, my back has decided to complain. Loudly. One week of Insanity and I’m already injured!

At the end of last week, I reluctantly decided to stop exercising. I’d pulled something at the top of my inner thigh/groin, and my back was starting to grumble about five days of intense back-to-back workouts.

Today, my back is still stiff and sore. Part of me is tempted to do a Plyometric Cardio routine and see if this loosens things up. It probably won’t, though, meaning a few days of Ibuprofen and frustration about breaking the flow of the Insanity programme.

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Beachbody Insanity, Day 5: Pure Cardio (plus an injury?)


Insanity Pack ShotHola, Insane amigos! Today’s round of Insanity was one that even the formidable Shaun T said he was nervous about. Pure Cardio is a fast-paced round of exercise that’s made a fair bit harder because there are virtually no rest breaks during the routine. You stop as normal after the warm-up and stretching routines, but when the workout starts, you’re riding the rollercoaster right to the end!

On this fifth day, many of the moves in the warm-up, stretches and workout itself are becoming familiar – the suicide drills and ‘level 2’ routines are all starting to seem familiar. Which is good, because most of the workouts we’ve done in this first week are repeated over the next four weeks. That should address a lot of my concerns about form, which I feel is important…
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